Friday, February 23, 2007



date Feb 19, 2007 9:22 AM

subject Attacked and arrested at Daley Center

Good morning Mr. Patterson,
My name is Jaime. I am contacting you this morning in reference to what happened to you at Stroger Hospital last week. An almost similar incident happened to me on the morning of Friday Feb. 2, 2007. Myself and a few others were invited by a friend to attend their court proceeding at Richard J. Daley Center in Judge Donegan's courtroom. In an act of citizens lawfully fighting to uphold our country's Constitution amidst judicial corruption, I was falsely arrested and detained for hours in the basement of the Daley Center, because of a Cook County Sheriff Deputy's false claim that myself and others who were with me were disrupting Judge Donegan's courtroom. When this "so-called" disruption occurred, this sheriff deputy was outside of the courtroom. We did not cause any sort of commotion while we were on the premises of the Daley Center. As we were escorted out of the courtroom, more Cook County Sheriff deputies and a sergeant rushed down the hallway towards us. As I am trying to explain to the officers, that this is a public place; we were invited here to witness a court proceeding and we remained civilized the whole time we were there. They arrested me and told me that I am trespassing and if the others did not want to be arrested, they'd better leave now and not come back inside the building. I was not allowed to phone my family to let them know what had happened to me. The Sheriff Department would not release any information when people called to inquire as to why I was being held.
Later in the evening after being treated like I was a criminal, I told the deputy sheriffs that were nearby, that I was having chest pains, they shackled my ankles, (my hands had been in cuffs already); and escorted me to Northwestern hospital for treatment. Upon arrival, I was shackled to the bed as if I were a madman. The doctors and nurses there seemed as if they were in cahoots with the sheriff dept. One of the doctors who was attending to me, a Dr. Lerman, I overheard her telling the sheriff deputies that she would medicate me and call in a psychiatrist. This doctor knew nothing about me to decide that I needed medication, all she knew is that I came in with cuffs and chains; she assumed that I was a criminal. This whole ordeal I was treated inhumane by the Cook County Sheriff Department and some of the staff at Northwestern Hospital.
I was released late Friday (into Saturday) with false charges against me: Criminal trespassing as well as numerous other false charges. The following Monday, I went to pick up my property. One of the deputy sheriffs, Deputy James, told a white shirted sheriff, that I do not get my property back because I failed to sign some form. Deputy James and other deputies that were in the office look through code books and on a computer, trying to find an excuse to not give my property back. After looking for a while they thought that they had come up with something and gave it to the white shirted sheriff, he in turn made a phone call. He then came over to me with my belongings, everything was there except for my cell phone, my belt and a jacket. They claim that they never had these items. These items were on me when I was falsely arrested for simply just exercising my constitutional rights. I saw the picture of your bruised wrist, I have pictures of my bruised wrists and ankles. If you could contact me, I can give further detail including names and other details.

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Anonymous said...

Some the sheriffs at the Daley Center were as follow:

Deputy Eric Gross
Deputy James A. Morrissey
Deputy Johnson
Deputy Christopher Dangles
Deputy Chad A. Harris
Deputy Rodriguez (Ruben or Steven)
and an unnamed Sergeant (white shirt)- I know him if I see him again.