Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chicago-Based IFCAA Announces Charitable Fundraising Event: e-Bay Auction of Autographed 1985 Championship Chicago Bears Poster ''The Black-n-Blues Brothers''Thursday February 1, 1:45 pm ET
CHICAGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Dr. Sheila Mannix of Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA) announces the kick-off of a Superbowl countdown fundraising event. End of auction scheduled for Sunday, February 4, 2007. Bidding to start at $100,000. e-Bay title of donated item is "Chicago Bears Poster - 1985 Champs with 21 Autographs."
An autographed Chicago Bears Poster entitled: "The Black-n-Blues Brothers" depicting the 1985 Superbowl Championship Offensive Line in classic Chicago-style. Twenty-one (21) autographs were obtained in December 1985 by Dr. Mannix in the foyer of the Bears' Lake Forest, Illinois Training Facility for her youngest brother, Jim, as a Christmas gift. The item has been donated by Jim Mannix to his sister's non-profit organization originally incorporated in 1995 as In All Our Best Interest, Inc. and now operating as Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates (IFCAA). IFCAA dedicates this fundraising event to the 53 children who have died due to negligence under Illinois' child protective services agency over a seven year span and to the thousands of named and un-named children who are suffering and who have died as a direct result of the alleged criminal acts of family courts and child protective services agencies across the country, which in Illinois violates the Wrongs to Children Act for the criminal exploitation of children for financial gain. The 20" X 36" poster is framed and mounted on foam core. Autographs include:Offensive Line: Linebackers:
Keith Van Horne #78 Wilber Marshall # 58
Jay Hilgenberg #63 Ron Rivera # 59
Tom Thayer # 57 Brian Cabral # 54
Mark Bortz #62 Jim Morrissey #51
Andy Frederick #71
Offensive Backs: Defensive Line:
Matt Suhey #26 Dan Hampton #99
Dennis Gentry #29 William Perry # 72
Calvin Thomas # 33 Henry Waechter #70
Kicker: Quarterback:
Maury Buford #8 Steve Fuller #4
Receivers: Coaches:
Dennis McKinnon # 85 Mike Ditka, Head Coach (1985 NFL Coach of
Keith Ortego # 89 the Year)
Buddy Ryan, Defensive Coordinator of
championship "46 defense"
IFCAA announced in its national press release of June 19, 2006 that it has taken on judicial corruption - fraud, extortion, coercion under duress - in the Cook County Circuit Court Domestic Relations Division. Since then, despite apparent judicial retaliation for standing up to alleged judicial corruption, IFCAA claims it is continuing to build strength through networking with local and national groups and individuals who are also committed to exposing the apparent national epidemic of local racketeering enterprises in family courts trafficking children for the personal financial gain of divorce judges and lawyers, and court-appointed child attorneys, evaluators, therapists and visitation supervisors.
On August 23, 2006, IFCAA announced that Michael W. Lynch, former chairman of McCook Metals, LLC., accepted an invitation to join the board. Through their partnership and nation-wide networking, Mr. Lynch and Dr. Mannix claim they have obtained and turned over to federal criminal authorities material evidence from organized crime informants evidencing alleged criminal acts by state and federal court judges in which judges and other state and federal court agents manipulate the judicial system through bribery and extortion. They claim that this organized criminal activity is apparently occurring in courts with access to private, corporate, and government funds, e.g., bankruptcy, probate, and family courts, as well as through child protective services agencies across the country.
Dr. Mannix alleges that as a result of the courageous efforts of the nation-wide civilian team fighting judicial corruption, 21 judges and 7 state directors of child protective services agencies have stepped down. The Chicago judge who falsely incarcerated Mr. Lynch on October 13, 2006 quit the bench by December 2006.
Dr. Mannix comments, "We are upstanding, law-abiding citizens who have lawfully organized to fight for our constitutionally-secured rights and to stop the harm being perpetrated against our children, ourselves, our fellow Americans, especially the nation's children, and our global community for the personal financial gain of corrupt court agents and others. My father, John F. Mannix, who was in Connecticut politics for over twenty years, his last position as the Chairman of the State Board of Education, taught me that participating in our democracy in an official position is not only a privilege - it is a blessing - for it affords one the scared gift of living in service to others.
The actions of public officials in league with organized crime for personal financial gain defile the sacrifices of our sons and daughters in law enforcement and the military, here and abroad, who have given their lives in service of the belief that they are fighting for these very same rights."
Resource for older children at www.courageouskids.net.
Access information about In All Our Best Interest at www.gyropower.com.
Also see www.montessoripeaceschool.org.
Contact:Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates
Dr. Sheila Mannix, 847-971-6679
Source: Illinois Family Court Accountability Advocates

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