Thursday, February 22, 2007


Angelo Torres- 2 years (release date: 5/13/07)
Jason Martin- 1 yr (released 7/27/06)
Flenory Barnes-16 mos. (NOT IN FEDERAL PRISON)
Robert Mangiamele-18 mos.
Salvador Alvarez-6 mos. (released 8/4/06)
Dennis Natale-1 yr (released 7/20/06)
Commelie Peters-15 mos. (release date 3/1/07)
Salvatore “Sam” Gammicchia-30 mos. (release date: 1/15/09)
Debra Coveliers-6 mos. house arrest/3 yrs probation
Willie Brown-3 mos. house arrest/5 yrs probation/$6,600 fine
Martin McDonough-6 mos. house arrest/3 yrs probation
Donald Warren-5 yrs probation/part of a $9,600 fine shared w/ others -Driver for BBD Trucking

Joseph Ignoffo-14 mos (released 1/12/07)
Carl Edwards-was to be sentenced 8/25/06-Driver for Hard rock Construction (Chgo. IL) status unknown??

John Cannatello-27 mos./$14,000 fine (released 12/8/06)
Frank Cannatello-3 mos./$5,000 fine (released: 12/8/06)
John “Quarters” Boyle-7 yrs (release date- 10/26/11)
Gerald Wesolowski-25 mos/$7,500 fine/$25,000 forfeiture (release date: 8/27/07)
Charles Romano-5 mos./5 mos. house arrest/$4,000 fine (released 4/7/06)
Donald Tomczak- 47 mos./$15,000 fine/$175,000 forfeiture (release date: 7/3/10)
Roger McMahon died before being sentenced-10/20/06)
Nick “The Stick” LoCoco-died 12/9/04
Timothy Shrader- 3 mos. house arrest/$12,000 fine-Driver for American Tank
Richard Rylewicz- 2 yrs (not in federal custody??)
Anthony Affetto- 2 yrs (release date: 6/17/08)
James Laski- 2 yrs
Patrick Slattery- 27 mos.
(release date: in transit??)
Robert Sorich- 46 mos./ $10,000 fine/300 hrs community service
Richard Coveliers-5 mos. (release date: 2/23/07)
Timothy McCarthy- 18 mos. (release date: 6/1/08)
Robert Laino-6 mos/ along with Patrick Stillo to split cost of stolen asphalt, $45,000/ repay FBI $2,750 for cost of investigation (released 6/30/06)
Daniel Katalinic- 1 yr and 1 day
John Sullivan-2 mos/4 mos. of house arrest/$5,000 fine/(release date: 3/21/07)
Patrick Stillo- 1 yr/split cost of asphalt with Laino-$45,000)
Robert Ricciarelli- 2 mos./fined $10,000
John Briatta-18 mos. (release date: 11/21/07)
Michael Acosta- 5 mos./5 mos. house arrest (release 4/30/07)
John D’Amico-never charged- took bribes from Chica Trucking (Patricia Cortez and Blaz Transport)
Rocco “Rocky” LaMantia-never charged

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