Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rojas Concrete (RCI) owner Oscar Rojas a convicted felon, quit the Hired Truck Program just two weeks after he applied, when questions were raised about his felony conviction which was on his record for hauling 31 pounds of drugs. The city of Chicago "claimed" they knew nothing about his conviction. Despite this, the city paid him over $11 million dollars for sidewalk and other concrete work, under the Curb and Gutter Program . Daley left it up to the city's Procurement Department to decide if Rojas Concrete would be used on other city jobs. It did not matter if he did any more work with the City of Chicago, he could subcontract his company to Sumit Construction and Jalpa Construction- he went on to perform work on the Illinois Department of Transportation Dan Ryan Expressway Construction, a $550 million dollar project when first estimated, now IDOT is saying that it will cost an additional $891 million for completion, pushing the grand total near $1.4 billion. What a waste of taxpayers money, let the honest companies do the work. There are nothing but corrupt companies performing this construction. Can you think of one honest company that you have seen working on the Ryan??

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