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Issued by American Veterans Chicago , Illinois January 10, 2007
A former attorney and public prosecutor from Portland Oregon, Roger Weidner, and a few American Veterans in Chicago, Illinois, issues this CALL TO ACTION for all American Veterans nationwide, to serve in support as Court Watchers, as we restore courts of constitutional “due process” where truth and justice once again protects the innocent punishes the corrupt.
For attempting to speak truthfully and factually about the corruption in the Multnomah County court system he was repeatedly arrested, many times violently, in front of supporters, to keep him from speaking about the criminal conduct of bureaucrats and attorneys, all either licensed by or employed by the State of Oregon, stealing innocent peoples children, lands or property in “sham” often “star chamber” type proceedings where the innocent always loses. Mr. Weidner, who is a former member of the 101st Airborne Honor Guard Platoon, has been violently attacked, arrested 21 times, jailed and sent in chains to the Oregon Insane Asylum and ultimately disbarred and fraudulent judgments taken against him for speaking out about the corruption in the Oregon court system. The details of his abuse can be found at Roger
When the Oregon State Bar decided recently to bring charges against Mr. Weidner, for the unauthorized practice of law, he filed as a counterclaim charging racketeering and civil rights abuse. At trial on December l5 - l8, 2006 Weidner advised the court that he was appearing by “special appearance” until informed by the court that he was proceeding in a court of constitutional “due process”. Judge Wilson, in stark contrast to many of the judges Weidner has appeared before in the past l9 years, agreed and let Weidner make a full record of the criminal judicial abuse he has been subjected to by the Oregon State Bar and the Oregon legal system. The Oregon State Bar hired one of the largest law firms in Oregon , the Miller Nash firm, to prosecute Mr. Weidner. Weidner without challenge from Judge Wilson or the Miller Nash attorneys, Bruce Rubin and Tye Fullerton, or Helen Herschbeil with the Oregon State Bar, detailed the unprecedented criminal abuse he has been subjected to for the past l9 years for insisting on speaking openly in court about the corruption. Weidner told the judge, prosecution attorneys and his supporters, “All I have been trying to do for the past l9 years is to come into this court, an absolute constitutional right that I have, and make a full record of the criminal abuse that I and those I am trying to help, have suffered at the hands of corrupt attorneys and bureaucrats involved in stealing our property or our children”. Weidner then pointed at the attorneys for the bar and said, “And the Bar rather than investigating the criminal charges we are making against the thieving attorneys attacks and prosecutes me and hires attorneys to defend the corrupt attorneys involved in stealing our property.
After making his record, the lawyers for the Oregon State Bar had no rebuttal. Instead they called as their only courtroom witness attorney Claud Ingram who Mr. Weidner has previously twice arrested in Bend Oregon for his part in attempting to steal through the corruption of the Deschutes County legal system millions of dollars in property left to Patricia Wishon by her late husband.
Mr. Weidner has subsequently, on at least 3 other occasions, followed the same format and declared the re-established of courts of constitutional due process. In one of those appearance in the federal courtroom of Judge Michael Hogan in Eugene , Oregon , Weidner declared, “ I am here by Special Appearance Judge Hogan until informed by this court that I am proceeding in an Article III court of constitutional due process”. When Judge Hogan did not respond Mr. Weidner then declared, “ In the name of We The People of the State of Oregon and pursuant to Article 1 Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution I am declaring the reestablishment of these courts as courts of constitutional due process. Judge Hogan responded, “procede Mr. Weidner”. Among the 25 supporters of Mr. Weidner present were retired, decorated Marine Corp Bird Colonel Ken Reusser, Political activist Jesse Lott, cousin to Sen. Trent Lott. Historian Des Griffin, TV talk show host Susan Detelfsen.
With Mr. Weidner’s assistance, we are calling for all American Veterans nationwide to support a planned effort to re-establish our courts as courts of constitutional due process in our county, our state, and this nation. Once this Model is established in Chicago , we can duplicate it in any court in the nation, and offer support to any litigant, Veteran or Non-Veteran, wherever they may be located.
The mere presence of the American Veterans changes the complexion of the proceedings, and the conduct of those who would impose raw police power, without lawful justification, on a single individual who would dare to speak up and demand that which is guaranteed under the Constitution.
OUR WEBSITE IS—www. VeteranCourtWatchers. Com
The information needed for registration is:
Phone Number
Email address, if available, and
The days and times you can be available for a CALL TO ACTION
Please note any experience in legal research, and drafting, filing and serving of pleadings, and your willingness to contribute in these areas.
Remember, this is a private CALL TO ACTION and will benefit Veterans and Non-Veterans alike.

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